Made a CAKE!!!

Yuhu! Thanks to Bhabhi and her oven, We made a chocolate brownie cake, this Diwali !! Here is how to go for it:

Get a cake mix, add it in 20gm butter(molten) and 100 ml water, stir well and add walnut 50 gm, tuti-fruit 50 gm, mix well.

Cake mixture


 Grease the container for baking with butter first and sprinkle aata.

Greasing the container

Pour the cake mixture, and bake it in oven at 175 deg celcius for 25 min. If there is no temperature meter, use 5 min setting to begin with.Since our oven doesn’t specify the temp, we checked every 5 min. First the cake will swell up, becoming fluffy. Then you will get a nice baked smell. Test with a knife or fork, when you insert it, if it comes out without any cake on it, then the Cake is ready!!  Add Chocolate sauce to your test and decore, and after it cools down, keep in freeze for few min before serving.



Simple, isn’t it!


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