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Shifting the mean

I generally charge my laptop often, but that day I ignored the charging part. So it went to its absolute zero battery, and when I started charging, I noticed that to get back from such a deep state of Samadhi, it takes its own time, to become aware of itself and its surroundings and to start functioning again! 

Subsequent days I was careful to avoid such a yoga nidra setting in on my laptop, and I was charging frequently. I noticed one pattern- I put on the charger when its about 20% and forget or leave it when its about 50-60%, after some amount of charging and usage. The charging time doesn’t change much. Then it clicked to me that I could keep the battery at about 70% average, if I charge it when it is 50% and leave it when its 90%. This would avoid any emergency situation, and doesn’t need any extra effort, just a matter of shifting the mean from about 30% to 70%.

Same about withdrawing money from ATM and filling up petrol in the bike and recharging prepaid mobile connection… 

All those who keep reeling in a mean that is near bottom, end up in busy long queued ATMs and Petrol Pumps, and disconnected mobile phones. Because then there is no choice, when the refueling time is close to bottom end!

Same about Yoga and physical exercises, if mean is shifted, you could live around a healthy state of body more or less all the time, else keep struggling for good health.

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Catching the Rhythm…

It was yet another interesting day in the “Basic” Guitar class with Sahil Jagtiani. We were learning the strumming pattern. You need to hold the left hand fingers position tightly, and right hand has to gently strum all the strings. The strings can be strum from one end to another, and since you hold the guitar vertical, its either an up strum or a down strum.


was the pattern to be played. Blank space is a pause. One strum per beat. Sahil sang it for us also! But then, many were not getting it. Then he said, if you think and play, you will not get it, just get the rhythm. Let the hand move, don’t analyze. Slowly slowly, we got sorted out with tempo and phase lag between each other, and suddenly all of us were in sync! It was a wonderful play. Like Madhuri commented on my previous post, it was simply awesome experience.

Rhythm is beyond intellect. Its in your blood so to say. An intellect can understand or analyze a rhythm, but to get the rhythm you need to internalize it. Just like driving a cycle can be described with dozen mathematical equations, saying that you need to put your weight this way, bend that way, etc… but to get the skill of cycling, you just have to do it… 

And once you get it, your teeth will chew the food in that rhythm, your feet will tap in that rhythm and your hand will move without you having to “think” about it.

By the way this thinking is a very problematic thing. Recently Rashmin delivered another gem:- You cannot think about something which you don’t already know. And what you know, you don’t need to think about. So all this thinking business is totally useless!! 🙂

The whole education of dance and music, only now I recognize this, is to transcend the intellect with help of rhythms:- even in dance you have to step in sync with a beat of the music. This ancient tradition of learning dance, musical instrument, and singing, is so very essential apart from just developing an intellectual machinery in an individual.

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Pleasure and Pain together

You hear all those rock bands and your body parts start shaking to the beats. Then you actually go to a rock concert and see the long hair dude playing a guitar in a way that seems to give him a kick, and you start banging the head like he does. And sometime later you get a wish, oh, I should also make others bang their head like that!

Or someone tells you, you know, unless you have learnt a musical instrument, your life is incomplete!

And then which one to pick up, of course Guitar! Others don’t seem to give such a kick to the junta- they infact sound good for bedtime lalabai.
And people playing those seem as if they are in search of something they don’t know what!

So you get the courage one day, and buy a guitar. First class, and you play your first open note, ting! tong! tyaun! tung! tadang! wahao, this is something amazing. You feel so thrilled, you also stop going to barber- you plan for next six months to grow your hair like that rockstar….

And then comes the scales and chords. And your left hand is searching for solace after having pressed the wire for so long that it leaves its mark on the fingertips! And its so much pain that just by the memory of that pain you don’t pick up or even look at the Guitar the next day. The next day it is coming in way of your walk in the room, so you nicely pack it and keep it atop a cupboard. You have all reverence for it, from a distance!

Abhay and his GuitarHowever, if you don’t give up, and be courageous, then you may attend few more classes, and go through the pain. And then you notice, the sweetness of music comes with bitterness of pain – it is inevitable.
One part of you says aha, what a melody, other part says aaaaah, what a pain! What to do, life is like that!

p.s. Each individual has a harmony with a specific instrument. To choose which instrument to play, a nice thing that is done in Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir is:- they allow the child to be in company of all musical instruments in a room. Then whichever instrument the child spends most time with, is given to him/her for learning. Isn’t that novel idea?

p.p.s. Learn Music, not a Musical Instrument.

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Sound of Silence

The Comb The Comb, the combi combi Comb

The Seizer, the seizer, the kitchi-katchi seizer


The Fan, the Fan, the tireek tireek Fan

The tap, the Tap, the tipuk tipuk Tap.


The night, the night, the silent silent night

The fly, the fly, the kee-kee kee-kee fly


The auto, the auto, the drrrrr drrrrr auto

The bike, the bike, the pieen pieen ponn ponn bike!


The cycles, the cycles, the krrr kachak krrr kachak cycles!

The Sound , The Silence, the Sound in the Silence!



Partly inspired by the movie “August Rush”.