Sound of Silence

The Comb The Comb, the combi combi Comb

The Seizer, the seizer, the kitchi-katchi seizer


The Fan, the Fan, the tireek tireek Fan

The tap, the Tap, the tipuk tipuk Tap.


The night, the night, the silent silent night

The fly, the fly, the kee-kee kee-kee fly


The auto, the auto, the drrrrr drrrrr auto

The bike, the bike, the pieen pieen ponn ponn bike!


The cycles, the cycles, the krrr kachak krrr kachak cycles!

The Sound , The Silence, the Sound in the Silence!



Partly inspired by the movie “August Rush”.



  1. this one i didn’t get. 😦 but i must say that you deserve wordpress. glad that you’re liking wordpress. update this more often. not that horrible blogspot platform again. we all love your blog, but the template on blogspot is terrible and the navigation confusing. wordpress ki jai ho.

  2. thanks b, again.
    You will get this poem more, if you sing it like Rap song, and make the sounds of respective elements along with… 🙂

    If you see that movie no, the music director has done a great job there. You see this little boy, who is out there in the world with no one to take care of him. And he listens each sound on the traffic of road carefully and separately. And in his mind he composes music out of it!

    As it is said in that movie, “The music is all there, you just need to listen!”

  3. And yes, I like WordPress too. There are some amazing internal and external features. You have differentiation between Categories and Tags, unlike on Blogspot. Also you have nice stats displayed in the admin.

    Its not so easy like Blospot, to plug and play with widgets though. let’s see how to plug in WordPress and play with its templates!

    Yeah I agree that Blogspot site has become bit clumsy and long to download. will do something about it.

  4. oh ok. so there is difference between .org and .com . will check that out.

    b, check out the movie August Rush da, then probably the poem will make more sense. Also, I will sing it for you (!) sometime. then hopefully it will make more sense! haha! otherwise leave it… poems are best left ununderstood!

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