Pleasure and Pain together

You hear all those rock bands and your body parts start shaking to the beats. Then you actually go to a rock concert and see the long hair dude playing a guitar in a way that seems to give him a kick, and you start banging the head like he does. And sometime later you get a wish, oh, I should also make others bang their head like that!

Or someone tells you, you know, unless you have learnt a musical instrument, your life is incomplete!

And then which one to pick up, of course Guitar! Others don’t seem to give such a kick to the junta- they infact sound good for bedtime lalabai.
And people playing those seem as if they are in search of something they don’t know what!

So you get the courage one day, and buy a guitar. First class, and you play your first open note, ting! tong! tyaun! tung! tadang! wahao, this is something amazing. You feel so thrilled, you also stop going to barber- you plan for next six months to grow your hair like that rockstar….

And then comes the scales and chords. And your left hand is searching for solace after having pressed the wire for so long that it leaves its mark on the fingertips! And its so much pain that just by the memory of that pain you don’t pick up or even look at the Guitar the next day. The next day it is coming in way of your walk in the room, so you nicely pack it and keep it atop a cupboard. You have all reverence for it, from a distance!

Abhay and his GuitarHowever, if you don’t give up, and be courageous, then you may attend few more classes, and go through the pain. And then you notice, the sweetness of music comes with bitterness of pain – it is inevitable.
One part of you says aha, what a melody, other part says aaaaah, what a pain! What to do, life is like that!

p.s. Each individual has a harmony with a specific instrument. To choose which instrument to play, a nice thing that is done in Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir is:- they allow the child to be in company of all musical instruments in a room. Then whichever instrument the child spends most time with, is given to him/her for learning. Isn’t that novel idea?

p.p.s. Learn Music, not a Musical Instrument.



  1. Opposite values are complimentory! I loved strumming our chords togather in rythm, and hearing sahil shout two million times “you guys need to practice!”. Cant believe th class has almost come to an end, and cant wait for intermediate class.

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