Shifting the mean

I generally charge my laptop often, but that day I ignored the charging part. So it went to its absolute zero battery, and when I started charging, I noticed that to get back from such a deep state of Samadhi, it takes its own time, to become aware of itself and its surroundings and to start functioning again! 

Subsequent days I was careful to avoid such a yoga nidra setting in on my laptop, and I was charging frequently. I noticed one pattern- I put on the charger when its about 20% and forget or leave it when its about 50-60%, after some amount of charging and usage. The charging time doesn’t change much. Then it clicked to me that I could keep the battery at about 70% average, if I charge it when it is 50% and leave it when its 90%. This would avoid any emergency situation, and doesn’t need any extra effort, just a matter of shifting the mean from about 30% to 70%.

Same about withdrawing money from ATM and filling up petrol in the bike and recharging prepaid mobile connection… 

All those who keep reeling in a mean that is near bottom, end up in busy long queued ATMs and Petrol Pumps, and disconnected mobile phones. Because then there is no choice, when the refueling time is close to bottom end!

Same about Yoga and physical exercises, if mean is shifted, you could live around a healthy state of body more or less all the time, else keep struggling for good health.


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