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Guruji’s Nakshatra Birthday

It was Guruji’s Nakshatra Birthday yesterday! Thanks Bau for informing us! I did  my Sadhana and meditation. Was wondering what can I do for Guruji on his birthday:- I decided to be happy and smile!

God loves us so much, that He has taken a human form once again! He has come here to fulfill the scriptures, and write new ones!

Tu Hai Aasamaan mein, Teri Ye Jameen Hai

Tu jo hai, to sab kuchh hai, Na koi Kameen Hai|

The day went on with miscellaneous things. Whenever I recalled it is His Birthday, He came on planet on this day some years ago, I got a grin on my face…:)

KK told of one celebration in the night. I went with my guitar to Bhaskar’s place. Our youth gang was already there. I played some guitar to Ajesh, showed him this fantastic blog. Then joined the satsang and Guru Om Chanting and Gurupuja… It was lovely.. bursts of energy!

Chahat kya hai ye usase puchho 

Jo aapke liye tadapata hai|

Pyaar kya hai ye usase puchho

Jisne aapke liye Janam Liya hai!

– Captain RajeshS!

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Street Hawk!

Its one fantastic year with Honda Activa by now. Absolutely great performance, considering the rough usage I have been carrying on. More than 10,000 km, which means about 25-30 km per day running it has given to me. If I had travelled 10,000 km in auto, I would have spent 70,000 Rs. If I assume 33km/liter average,I have used 303 liters of Petrol.With 50Rs per liter, I have spent 15,000 Rs on petrol. Effectively I saved 55,000 Rs for the amount of comfort conveyance! Of course, I wouldn’t have travelled by auto if I hadn’t used Activa, I would go a lot by bus. Still, say 4000 km I would have travelled on auto, (which I used to do!) I would have spent 28,000 in place of 15,000 on petrol. So I have anyways saved atleast 13,000!! Plus got a lot of conveyance. A number of activities this year were un-imaginably tough without the bike! 🙂 It gave conveyance to many others too!

Approximately in 3 years the entire investment cost will be returned with rewards.

I did spend some on maintenance:- I don’t drive like a scared puppy waiting for others to go , so that it can cross the road:- and in the process I have hit, peole have hit my bike, and I had to get some dents recovered! Plus polish, oil etc. Approx 5k went in that.

Also towards the end only I realized (thanks to Shailendra!) that it is the left break which needs to be pulled for starting the bike with switch, I was using right one! Now that had given rise to some starting problem… So the kick start was needed few times… And I realized that the batteries go dry, and they need to be checked up every month, and refilled with distilled water.

Now I am used to the pulse(read the engine sound) of the vehicle, and can figure out what’s happening inside. It also has tridoshas! Pitta is when it gets over-raised at the signal without giving the accelerator. Kapha is when it doesn’t start in the mornings of winter or after rains. Vata is when it gives polluted air (so far it hasn’t!)… 🙂 It also showed the trigunas- sometimes the Tamas was so high, that even kick-starting didn’t work! In Rajasic times, it was good at the start, but would not keep itself on when accelerator is not given, e.g. at signals. But it has been Satvik many times, it would go on atleast 5 km when the fuel tank is showing almost empty! I don’t remember of an occasion when I had to pull bike to petrol pump.

All and all I had a great time with the bike. I am generally fond of bikes like Royal Enfield – simply because I love perfection… However, when it comes to the cost, mileage, conveyance and maneuverability, Honda Activa is cool! 

In my college days there used to be this TV Serial:- Street Hawk… I used to love it, and since then whichever bike I drive(previously it was Bajaj 4S Kawasaki of my father), I imagine myself as Street Hawk!! Be Careful from me! 🙂

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Tere naam se jee loon…

Lovely video and song. Here is lyrics:-

preet ki lath mohe aaisi laagi 
ho gayi main matwaali 
bal bal jaaun apane piya ko 
he main jaaun vaari vaari 
mohe sudh budh naa rahi tan mann ki 
yeh toh jaane duniya saari 
bebas aur laachar phiru main 
haari main dil haari – 2 

tere naam se jee loon – 2 
tere naam se marr jaaun – 2 
teri jaan ke sadke mein kuchh aaisa kar jaaun 
tune kya kar dala marr gayi main mitt gayi main 
ho ri ha ri ho gayi main 
teri deewani deewani- 2 
tune kya kar dala marr gayi main mitt gayi main 
ho gee ha gee ho gayi main 
teri deewani deewani – 2 

ishq junoon jab hadh se badh jaaye – 2 
haste haste aashiq suli chadh jaaye 
ishq ka jaadu sara chadha kara bole – 2 
khoob laga lo pehre raste rab khole 
yahi ishq di marzi hain 
yahi rab di marzi hain 
yahi ishq di marzi hain 
yahi rab di marzi hain 
tere bin jeena kaisa 
haan khudgarzi hai 
tune kya kar dala marr gayi main mitt gayi main 
ho ri ha ri ho gayi main 
teri deewani deewani – 4 

oh ho oh hoohhhh… 

he main rang rangeeli deewani – 2 
ke main albeli main mastani 
gaaun bajaaun sabko rijhaaun 
he main deen dhram se begaani 
ke main deewani main deewani 
tere naam se jee loon tere naam se marr jaaun 
tere jaan ke sadle mein kuchh aaisa kar jaaun 
tune kya kar dala marr gayi main mitt gayi main 
ho ri ha ri ho gayi main 
teri deewani deewani 
teri deewani deewani 
teri deewani deewani 
teri deewani deewani…