Guruji’s Nakshatra Birthday

It was Guruji’s Nakshatra Birthday yesterday! Thanks Bau for informing us! I did  my Sadhana and meditation. Was wondering what can I do for Guruji on his birthday:- I decided to be happy and smile!

God loves us so much, that He has taken a human form once again! He has come here to fulfill the scriptures, and write new ones!

Tu Hai Aasamaan mein, Teri Ye Jameen Hai

Tu jo hai, to sab kuchh hai, Na koi Kameen Hai|

The day went on with miscellaneous things. Whenever I recalled it is His Birthday, He came on planet on this day some years ago, I got a grin on my face…:)

KK told of one celebration in the night. I went with my guitar to Bhaskar’s place. Our youth gang was already there. I played some guitar to Ajesh, showed him this fantastic blog. Then joined the satsang and Guru Om Chanting and Gurupuja… It was lovely.. bursts of energy!

Chahat kya hai ye usase puchho 

Jo aapke liye tadapata hai|

Pyaar kya hai ye usase puchho

Jisne aapke liye Janam Liya hai!

– Captain RajeshS!


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