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The Grown up tree

BigTreeNobody waters a grown up tree!

As you are growing up, learn how to seep in that little drop of water, survive on it… broaden your vision, deepen your roots!

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Someone did a mistake, and asked Guruji, “Guruji, are you angry on me?” Guruji replied, “You think its so easy to make me angry? Samundar mein lahren ruk sakti hai, Mere chehre se ye Muskan nahi ja sakti hai! ”


“If you show me attitude, I will show you altitude” … Arvind anna.


“I will not bow down to the king! “– 10 year old Shivaji in the court of Badshah in Vijapur.


“If you want to experience failure, TRY making me unhappy”… Devang da


“When everyone else is down because of this and that, someone is sick, someone is tired, someone is under the influence of saturn, then I will have to step in!”

… Rajesh S the Kingmaker


Someone… “Oh My God!”

Ramnik,”Yeah Tell Me!”


Ramnik: “There are butterflies, elephant, snakes, monkeys and squirrels in Ashram”.

Someone:”Ohh, then what about Lions?”

Ramnik:”Hum hai na!”


Some gupshup in office, while I am working. Out of politness, one of them said,”I hope we are not disturbing you.”

“Its not so easy to disturb me!” … me!


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Pleasure of hard work

Have you noticed this? Whenever you have done some really good hard work, and finished some project or some activity, you feel so good. Its this feeling of being useful, being capable, being illustrious, being active, dynamic, energetic. If you haven’t felt so, you haven’t yet done any hard work!

Of course you can do the hard work smartly too- Put energy in the right direction, instead of the other way around, but you need to really really sweat it out, even in the right direction- and doing that with a smile is sign of success in life! 

Yogah Karmasu Kaushalam :- yoga is skill in action.

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End of unlearning

There is no end to learning, but there is an end to unlearning. Unlearning what is misconception, what is incorrect.

We finished the Guitar classes. End of one misconception that “I don’t know how to play a guitar”.

When you begin with a thinking that you dont have a certain talent, then getting that talent won’t work – will take a very long time. However, noticing that the very wish to have a certain talent is an indicator of seed of that talent within you, will help in getting it sooner… 

You experience sweetness in a Gulabjamun, because it is there in your tongue already. The world is called Maya because it is relative – it can be measured. Measured against a unit which is already present in you. The sound outside can be measured only because there is sound within you. 

The very sign of life is the ability and eagerness to learn. Every cell in you has life. It knows.

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Naiharwa… Sant Kabir

Naiharwa humka na bhawe, humka na bhawe

naiharwa aaaaa, Naiharwa, Naiharwa….

Sai ki nagari Param ati sundar, ati sundar

  Yaha koi Jaave na aawe(2)

Chand suraj yaha, Pawan na pani

  Ko sandes pohochave(2)

     Darad yaha Sai ko sunave, Naiharwa….


Aage chalau panth nahi sujhe, Panth nahi sujhe

  Peeche kyu dosh lagave(2)

Kehi bidhi sasure jaoo mori sajni, Jaoo mori sajni

  Birha jor jarave(2)

    Vishaye Ras, Naach nachave, naiharwa….


Bin Satguru Aapno nahi koi, Aapno nahi koi

  Jo yeha raah batave(2)

Kahat Kabira suno bhai sadho, Suno bhai Sadho

  Sapne me preetam aave(2)

    Tapan yaha Jeeya ki bujhave, Naiharwa…

Meaning here.

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The two sides

In any relation, transaction, dialog, delegation, combat, employment we need to remember that there are two parties involved. Often we are so much caught up in our own side of the thing, that we forget the presence of other totally- forget to understand their viewpoint.

The moment one understands the other viewpoint, the effort to squeeze in as much self-benefit will disappear, and a golden mean solution can be attained. 

This talk by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar highlights the role of mediator in in any conflict resolution:-

Now in a personal relation, who is the mediator! The friends of one person will take the side of that person, leaving no scope for listening to the other person. Here the only mediator possible is one’s own witness consciousness. 

Sometimes a dialog between two sides need not come to a common conclusion. It is ok to agree to disagree on certain aspects! An Agreement of Disagreement! 

Why otherwise we would like to impose our idea on others? Differences of opinions between intellectuals is conducive for the progress of a society. Purpose of words is to bring silence.