Mobile phones, Email – God or Devil?

When I was in School and early days of college, there were no mobile phones. In fact a landline phone came quite late to our home. Until 5 years before, mobile phone was considered a luxery – don’t really need it kind of a thing. Now, in case one is not on mobile phone for a day or two, and others nearby bug that person! 

Mobile phones have created convenience, and in addition weakened the system of being planned and systematic. Let’s say you were to meet someone. In the very early days, you would have to visit their home or office. Or write letter, take appointment and meet. In later days, you would have to talk on landline, decide date time place and meet there at that time. Few minutes late, and you miss the person. Now! You call and decide on a place and time. Then you change it over the mobile half an hour before. Then you while going you change the place. The directions of places are not taken beforehand, so you keep asking right and left turn. And then someone’s mobile’s battery goes down, and only by miracle you find them!

When there were no phones, the discussions would be so productive. Because, if you don’t discuss something, it will be pending until next meeting in person. Then came landline, diluting the strength of discussions. And now in Mobile times, they talk and talk and don’t make sense, and fights begin over not having called up!

Before Email, Website, there used to be handwritten posted mails. They would take time, and lovers would find the rise in their longing for each other. Now, zooppp – the message hits the other part of the world in no time. Again, loss of depth in content and anxiousness to get the message across.

Its funny! The first email of my life was sent by my brother on my behalf, to a student friend in US. That time I was in 12th standard. And I didn’t really believe that this was possible! I kept asking him, did it really reach him, did it really reach him?!??!! 🙂

Now the things have reverted- I am not so much confident about a letter posted to someone’s address. I make sure that they send me the acknowledgment receipt somehow!


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