The two sides

In any relation, transaction, dialog, delegation, combat, employment we need to remember that there are two parties involved. Often we are so much caught up in our own side of the thing, that we forget the presence of other totally- forget to understand their viewpoint.

The moment one understands the other viewpoint, the effort to squeeze in as much self-benefit will disappear, and a golden mean solution can be attained. 

This talk by His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar highlights the role of mediator in in any conflict resolution:-

Now in a personal relation, who is the mediator! The friends of one person will take the side of that person, leaving no scope for listening to the other person. Here the only mediator possible is one’s own witness consciousness. 

Sometimes a dialog between two sides need not come to a common conclusion. It is ok to agree to disagree on certain aspects! An Agreement of Disagreement! 

Why otherwise we would like to impose our idea on others? Differences of opinions between intellectuals is conducive for the progress of a society. Purpose of words is to bring silence.


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