End of unlearning

There is no end to learning, but there is an end to unlearning. Unlearning what is misconception, what is incorrect.

We finished the Guitar classes. End of one misconception that “I don’t know how to play a guitar”.

When you begin with a thinking that you dont have a certain talent, then getting that talent won’t work – will take a very long time. However, noticing that the very wish to have a certain talent is an indicator of seed of that talent within you, will help in getting it sooner… 

You experience sweetness in a Gulabjamun, because it is there in your tongue already. The world is called Maya because it is relative – it can be measured. Measured against a unit which is already present in you. The sound outside can be measured only because there is sound within you. 

The very sign of life is the ability and eagerness to learn. Every cell in you has life. It knows.


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