Someone did a mistake, and asked Guruji, “Guruji, are you angry on me?” Guruji replied, “You think its so easy to make me angry? Samundar mein lahren ruk sakti hai, Mere chehre se ye Muskan nahi ja sakti hai! ”


“If you show me attitude, I will show you altitude” … Arvind anna.


“I will not bow down to the king! “– 10 year old Shivaji in the court of Badshah in Vijapur.


“If you want to experience failure, TRY making me unhappy”… Devang da


“When everyone else is down because of this and that, someone is sick, someone is tired, someone is under the influence of saturn, then I will have to step in!”

… Rajesh S the Kingmaker


Someone… “Oh My God!”

Ramnik,”Yeah Tell Me!”


Ramnik: “There are butterflies, elephant, snakes, monkeys and squirrels in Ashram”.

Someone:”Ohh, then what about Lions?”

Ramnik:”Hum hai na!”


Some gupshup in office, while I am working. Out of politness, one of them said,”I hope we are not disturbing you.”

“Its not so easy to disturb me!” … me!




  1. totally agree with you, Dinesh. It depends on how one carries it- best is with a smile! Someone shouting “Don’t get Angry!” doesn’t make any sense!

    On the other hand, I see so many people, who are supple like vegetables, devoid of any attitude and valor! Attitude forms a backbone of one’s character, and can uplift one in the right direction. Anyways, “Whatever we do, we do it in Style!”- Sri Sri !

    p.s. added few more lines in the post!

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