Uniting with the thumb

So I started enjoying TT….It was sunday 12 in the morning. And How energetically I was playing! Serve like this hit like that, smash like this… and zoom! one day, the ball went one side, I went other side, with the hand and body movement I rolled on fully, the single thumb holding chappal got twisted, and the right foot got twisted and that’s it, I swirled on my own foot- crashing my right foot’s thumb. Fortunately the nail was reasonably cut, otherwise it would have got uprooted. What happened was a wave of shock rolling up from thumb, and lot of sudden pain. 

Why did I fall down? TT requires speed, control and power at the same time. It has to have the mind in the present moment. I was angry on a friend who was going to eat fish, and I didn’t know how to stop him from non-veg. I was tired,but the game was getting interesting, so I was pulling myself overdrive. Thirdly, I wanted to go to forum after sometime, to play Billiords there! forthly I had got some ego coming up with wanting to be stylish and putting up a smashing hit!

Lying on the back, chanting Om was the first remedy. Came back to hostel and had lunch. cleaned the wound and bandaged it. Later on learnt that one should not put direct cotton on an open wound, but a cotton mesh and then cotton, as otherwise the cotton gets caught up in the wound. The next week was a yoga of thumb – becoming one with the thumb.

First night, I slept saying :- Sukh mein sab hai sathi, Dukh mein na koi! The pain was continuous. So interesting! In marathi, the word for paining is dukh itself… And so true, no matter how dear someone, he or she can’t take away your pain, you have to go through it yourself.

I kept the foot at higher level while sleeping, and due to less blood supply the pain was less. Next few days I learnt some magnificent biology of my body. When I later told it to my friend, he was amazed, and asked, how do you know things in so much detail – I said, by careful observation!

First day, the wound had torn the skin apart, and temporary clotting and natural stitching had led to contraction of skin. So the pain was on the tension in the skin that had got split. new skin cells were coming up, filling up the gap in between.

Second day, the numbness of thumb was reduced, and the blood flow increased. I could feel my heartbeat down there. The blood had clotted, causing blue/black color of the nail. The clotted blood was replaced by fresh blood cells. It was like the rock gets eroded by flow of water.

Third day. So far, the thumb was straight, no movement at the joints of it. Now the repair was on the neural level. All the sensations were getting repaired. Slow control on the movement at the joint was getting established. Like we do the body stretches in yoga, I was doing thumb stretches!

Forth and fifth day, it came back to more or lesss normalcy, accept for sensitivity to touch and pain on pressing that part of the thumb. Next few weeks the nail will grow and I guess, with it the clotted color will go, which is blue right now at the end of the week.

How skillful is the nature, doing all this artistic repair! Pain is that part of the body crying for attention.



  1. It seems that you are trying really hard in this game. You are right, nobody can share the pain pf anybody else and the one has to through it by themselves. About your thumb cure, you have really gone through a very careful observation and yes the nature is really the best and you have seen just the glimpse of what the nature can do!!
    Anyways get well soon,
    Jaya Gurudev cheers 🙂

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