Tirupati memories – 1

Its not a travelogue… just a random collection of thoughts as they come to me right now…


When I was about to write this series, it was as if I wanted to write about “My Tirupati”:- just one visit and I have developed so much ownership and belonging-ness towards the deity! Its amazing how that entire envioronment is created where you feel that God is there, He is Available and He is yours. I was recalling one person saying that he doesn’t feel that belongingness in our Institute, and I was wondering how I can create that sense of belongingness in the campus. 

All five senses attain a peak experience in the darshan. Eyes glow at the decoration which is golden, well crafted. Taste of Prasadam lingers still. Smell of dhoopas and incenses as well as that of cooking prasadam in pure ghee… The feet feel a different level of comfort after having stood up in the queue for hours- a total relaxation. The sound of mantras resonates in the ear…

The only disadvantage of a spiritual sojourn is that it leaves you wanting for more! The thirst increases! The longing increases. And way back to routine, nothing seems to satisfy that thirst. Its a one way journey – closer you go, charmer it becomes.



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