Tirupati memories – 2

The temple is on the hills – there are 7 of them, and imagined to be like woven in a necklace, called Tiru mala. Its beautiful. From the ground town of Tirupati, you need to either climb for 4 hours to reach the Temple, or take bus. No alcohol, tobacco cigarette is allowed, your bags are checked in the bus. No nonveg is served anywhere on the temple hills, and the whole atmosphere becomes so much pure. So if you have any of these not so good attachments, you need to give away and only then enter even the hill of the temple! How nice it would be to have villages, cities like these. Pure. Pious. Clean. 


The city on the hill never sleeps. It is flooded with devotees. 24×7. The darshan I got on the day one was at 12:30 in the night! The temple’s sanctum sanctoram is closed only between 1:30- 3:30 in the night! What one feels in a temple in city for a while, in the premises of temple, can be felt in the whole township there- serenity, peace, co-operation of people, belonging-ness. There is no rich-poor, whatever race, color, all are treated equal.

Standing in the queue for hours is a good penance in itself. The next day I was lucky to get 4am darshan, as one our friend’s mother hadn’t come for that booked darshan. It was much closer. Short time, but in the innermost part of the temple. It was cool, peaceful. The devotion is in the air. Even an atheist will change his mind. All negativities get washed out. Its a culmination of faith of thousands of people together, everyday, every hour.


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