Tirupati memories – 3

There is an alleged activity being carried out by Christian missionaries on and near the Tirupati town – Tirumala hills region. Of course, why not, as they get so many people who are not so well educated, as prey for their conversion agenda. Some news articles for your reference. Protests against pamplet distribution, Tirupati declaration by Swamis, Biased actions of Andhrapradesh CM, Overall mismanagement of donations to temples. Since I knew these matters, I was very happy to see that they have now come up with stricter rules, and I saw a written notice that said,”Under  — and —  laws, Any practice of any religion other than Hinduism and any activity to promote any other religion is strictly prohibited.” 

tirupati-gate3The temple is known to be actively operational at least since 1300. There is a very wonderful  museum which can easily take your 3-4 hours. Though regular Pujas are happening from 1300 CE, there is a clear lineage of saints, their proficiency and works right from 700 CE {Modern Historians use CE for Common Era as the terminology instead of AD}. Is the reputation of Tirupati today, the work and honoring of those saints who lived then? They touched the hearts of the people and it is the practice of visiting Tirupati that has come to a peak today, through centuries of generations of people. The kings fondly cherished the temple activities, adored them with huge donations. Raja Krishnadev Rai is notably mentioned at many places. His wives are respectfully honored. Even Raja Todarmal who actually served in Akbar’s rule is depicted. Unlike his other family members, Akbar did not force conversion, and Raja Todarmal seems to have played a devout role in his visits and donations to the temple.


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