Tirupati memories – 4

pilgrim1Well, hair is an endangered quantity on my head, so I didn’t quite offer my hair, though I partially wished to. If I didn’t have the hair loss problem, I would have offered. I have heard that even a normal person has some hair loss, and those hair replenish. However, when some type of hair that are raised only once in  a lifetime, are lost, they don’t replenish again. I was concerned of this type, and didn’t offer. But many pilgrims do. In fact most of them. Even ladies. It is said as an indication of offering your Ego. Offering the beauty. I somehow didn’t quite agree to the idea, especially for the ladies, but its their choice and expression of devotion. What I would say is that, instead of removing the beauty from you,  feel that the beauty has been given by the God, and that its not mine.

In fact its the devotion of these people – common people in villages, cities that I noticed strongly. They are very innocent. They have faith – and it is their only saviour. They happily sing – “Govinda, Govinda, Go—vinda!” and stand in the queue for hours. For some of them, its a lifetime achievement to visit Tirupati. They may have sold their many savings to just reach there. For many of us reading this, its a weekend trip. They have the faith that they will be taken care off, which many with huge bank balance don’t have!

These are the people of my country. While I was traveling to Tirupati, I was looking at them. What could I do for them. Balaji is doing his job 24×7, uniting them, removing all their worries and differences, what can I do for them? Language is one problem. Adjusting to their habitat is other. Their problems are different. They don’t get stress and worries I believe – in fact they may have much empty minds – not clogged by the multimedia experiences of city life, living with nature more often.


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