Tirupati memories – 5

Tirupati-PadmavatiThere is a very interesting story about the deity in Varah Purana. It is pictorially depicted in the series of blogs here. If you listen to stories from Purana, you would be perplexed! And that is the purpose of puranas- they enchant the mind with the stories, and deliver a hidden message of universal human values. They serve for children as well as adults. Indian Spirituality has everything that you want – it speaks of Advaita – the non-dual omnipresent single consciousness, and also the play and display of this consciousness, in many forms and names. Here the Gods and Godesses are children, they grow, marry, live and bless – just like human beings, indicating that inside every human being there is God. Otherwise, for a common man, its so un-connected to think of God as an abstract entity that is substratum of the world. It also strengthens the social systems like marriage – which are so much on the verge of breaking down in western countries. The Gods and Godesses exemplify the ideal human life.

The stories of Purana are however different from the Itihasa- the history scriptures in India.Ramayana and Mahabharata are two main history scriptures in India. Itihasa means “this is how it happened”, in Samskrit. See Bharath Gyan website and their book Triple Eclipse of 2009 for more details.  By the way this book on Triple Eclipse of 2009 engaged me a lot, throughout the journey to and back from Tirupati. It told me of so many unknown facts in such a comprehensive manner.

There is a nice water reservoir – cool water to wash your feet in.



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