Tirupati memories – 6

vishnu_sheshnag_zu95smIn the ground town of Tirupati, there is a temple of same deity in a sleeping posture. The deity is a form of Vishnu, the lord of maintenance of 14 worlds. So is it that the lord has got tired of maintaining all the worlds and got to rest for a while!? 🙂 You would also notice the sleeping Buddha. What does it indicate? God is governing this world so effortlessly, as if in sleep! He hardly needs to do anything. It has been all put on the “auto” mode… 🙂 Like a computerized company. It is not even visible, its all unseen, yet difficult to hide! 

And Aadishesha, a serpent of several heads is covering the lord Vishnu. Means – snake is very alert always. Like that the lord of maintenance is full of awareness, vigilant. And Lakshmi the Goddess of wealth serves the lord of maintenance. Means what- money is needed to maintain the state, do respectfully use it.

Padmavati devi’s temple is near Tirupati. The prasad there was so fulfilling – can’t describe it. The same curd-rice couldn’t have been sweeter and tastier.

There is a natural zoo, a rock-garden, a temple on top of hills – Vishnu Pada, KalaHasti, Ganga Bhavani, Papavinashanam and a Hanuman Temple.  The whole place is worthy of a 4-5 days of darshan. That’s what distinguishes a pilgrim from a tourist. A tourist is there to see things, a pilgrim closes his eyes on what he sees and reposes within.


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  1. this was our second visit for darshana at tirupathy .it is true that one can stay for little longer to enjoy the beauty of the nature which is so much creation by god him self and also get energy to lead life which otherwise full of worries tensions etc. i will mail u photographs of our visit to lord balagi n godess padmawati. with love…….

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