Karma, Faith and Service

I saw an interesting play of Karma today. I wasn’t sure, but one friend asked if I would come to Ashram, and so I thought may be yes I will go. Another of my friends asked if I could pick up some vegetables and go with her to Ashram. I said if it didn’t rain, I would go, as I didn’t want to get wet. Though I wished I could have gone early with her.

Now, I started for Ashram at about 7:30 from Koramangala. 

It drizzled. Bike’s petrol got over. Dragged it for half a kilometer.

Gave lift to a person for one km. 

Satsang was amazing- just a glimpse of the Master is so wonderful. Guruji tuned up Hari Narayana song in a different way today.

Then gave lift to another friend. 

When I dropped him at one location, little before his destination, I saw one girl standing with atleast 5 bags of vegetables in her hands. She was very beautiful, had bright face, shining sparkle in eyes and wore wonderful kumkum.

India-portrait-girl-dhanjiI asked her,” बहनजी, क्या में आपको कहीं छोड़ सकता हूँ ?” She was hesitant, but cheerful. She said , “no, I will take an auto.” But she wasn’t getting an auto for quite some time, and it was somewhere around 10pm already, so I suggested, “see you are carrying so many things, I can leave you to your home.” I was polite and had total honor for her. So she agreed. I asked her if she was comfortable. I left her at her home. We just exchanged our names. And left.

I want my country to be a place where there is no fear. There is lot of faith, and people readily available for service. May this whole world be so.

So, in conclusion, though I wished not to get wet, wasn’t sure of Ashram trip, didn’t say yes for carrying vegetables with a friend to Ashram:- I did get wet, went to Ashram, and did give lift to a girl carrying vegetables! 

It is said in Karma that most of the events you are destined to go through, you will go through- your actions can only alter them little bit. e.g. if you are supposed to be struck by an arrow, you will be struck by an arrow, but instead of head, it can carry away your cap- if you live good life.



  1. Nice Abhay. Well put. That is what I think too. The trust in people is lost in Bigger Indian cities. It still remains in the small villages. I think the only way to bring trust in the society is by showing trust. Often people will misuse your trust, but we must be strong enough to take this. Eventually, things will change. I am sure of this!

  2. 🙂 Yes, the trust will soon come back. In fact I was noticing the odd feeling in the life outside Ashram, Since I am now so used to belongingness in the Ashram. People look so awkward and formal in many cases.

    They say, “Neki Kar Aur Darya Mein Daal” – do well and dump in ocean, as otherwise it will bring Ego. But I feel like talking about all good deeds I do…
    Also I am observing how, as a volunteer, one ideally should do service without expectation of even thanks or appreciation – and to what extent it is happening so.

  3. i was glad to see the thoughts expressed, which reflects the impact that guruji has made n the culture devloped among followers ,though the world around is influnced by material life.the society survives if atleast balance is struck bet good n bad ellments n slowly good elements over through bad elements .may god bless everyone to think positively in life. with love n blessings

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