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Navaratri -5. Vijay Yatra!!

The tenth day, Dussehra, Vijayadashami is celebrated by crossing one’s boundaries. There is tradition of travelling outside one’s routine area and going to unknown place. We all follow Guruji’s Car. And wow, what a surprise he gave!!

We went out of Ashram, some 30 cars and 20 bikes and 5 buses… following Guruji’s Car accompanied by police also. They took a close by right turn, and so did the carwan took turn. the normal kanakpura traffic was held off. we went on a curvy road on a village side, and it soon led us to a lake!!

It was so pleasant a place!!!! He did some puja there, gave prasadam to the villagers there. 🙂 the whole adventure of following him on the bike was amazing!!

In the Satsang back in Yagyashala, he spoke:-

“All your past karmas are washed off. Know that you are blessed so very much. Have this prayer that ‘If something is not good for me, even if I want it, let it not come to me.’ Yoga gives yogyata, Yadnya gives happiness. Utilize this happiness that you have got to complete the works that you need to do in the world.  ”

All over the country at 24 places this Yadnya happened. Also in One place outside India. The telecast of the Yadnyas was done through Internet. It was a very worthwhile 10 day experience. Later back home, I was missing the chanting and a presence of thousands of happy faces so much!

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Navaratri -4. Yagyas

The following days were full of Yagyas.


Yagnas are the ancient method of enriching the subtle. They also purify the individual and the collective consciousness.

Yagna has three aspects:

1. Deva Puja: Acknowledging and honoring the Divine in all the forms.

2. Sangatikarana: Hastening the process of evolution by bringing together all the elements and people in creation.

3. Dana: Sharing and giving what one has been blessed with.

— Sri Sri


Before the Yadnya begins, the priest takes permission of the host. Then the Mantras are chanted to invite the presence of deity. Even the musical instruments are played which are pleasant. Chants from all four vedas are offered. in the homa, 108 different kinds of herbs are offered, which have a cleansing effect on the body, through their fumes.

In Sudarshan homa I heard the line “Jwalam Paridhay” means to wear the fire! I was quite thrilled. I have decided to learn the Samskrit well so that I can understand the shlokas they sing!

Chandi homa, Rishi homa were amazing. It seemed as if, that I can’t easily take so much energy, and to contain it, I need to do much more sadhana and seva. It seemed that the true being of Guruji is very different and only for our ability to comprehend him and withstand him, he behaves the way he does. Otherwise Trance is a natural state for him!

Night Garba and Dandiya was also very good. One more thing on the agenda is to learn those Gujarati dance steps!!

The honor with which the priests do the puja, the reverence with which they keep repeating some of the routine things is amazing. The rituals are followed exactly as they are told in the scriptures, and everyone is in so much bliss as to dance on the day of ashtami…

Ashtami I obediently overate!

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Navaratri -3. Rudra Homa

I was late for Ganapati homa. The atmosphere of joy spoke about the homa proceedings I missed. I spent some time and returned to work. The major new thing that had happened was laptop was not functional. So I spent the whole night debugging it in vein.

The next day was the Rudra Homa. I had given the donation for the Sankalpa. Thanks to Anand I continued my nightout after taking bath, straight into the Yagya Shala. I did my kriya and sat in the Sankalpa enclosure. The proceedings were bit slow, but mind was at peace and no hurry. Next few hours went into a seemingly endless series of chantings which were – don’t know why – where pleasing and peaceful. It was another touching experience to see Guruji in Trance.

I received my new locket and prasadam.

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Navaratri -2. Pooja s

The first three days of Navaratri are Tamasik in nature… the whole creation kind of wakes up slowly from the sleep.
And you also don’t want to do much work. That’s why they suggest fruit fasting in those three days. I didn’t fast, but I was happy to do good sadhana and with Sabari I also did some nice seva.
The puja this day was so fantastic. I almost got lost in meditation. Generally I open eyes in middle of puja but this time 1/2 hour 45 minutes just like that passed.
It rained and rained and rained on the way to Ashram. Still I drove in it, stood there in wet clothes during the puja, and came back in another burst of rain.
I gave a lift to an Infosys person who stayed in ECity. I admired that he took so much time and effort to travel all the way from there to Ashram and back.

The third day the energy seemed to be on a peak. Guruji went into trance during satsang. Rudra puja chantings were awesome.

Fourth day it didn’t rain much I guess. Rudra puja chantings had become so much wanted by then. Also the crowd was increasing, and there was so much happiness in the atmosphere.

Fifth day Guruji came out of Silence. He just spoke that be in Bhavpurna Vishram. Divine is not far, its within, so no need of any effort is there. Rest with feelings.

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Navaratri -1. Pratima

The very first day in Ashram was crowded and Yagyashala, double its size the last year, was already 2/3 full.  The first five days of Navaratri, there is Advanced course in Ashram, and Guruji also maintains silence. It’s very profound. He is fully there in every action, without speaking a word.

Since the stage was very far, I could see only a tiny image of Guruji, and hence I was glued to the projector screen to see the closer view.


Suddenly it downed to me… I could have seen the video on TV or computer also… I am in Ashram to see him personally. And then as I gazed to his far off stage location, another thought came isn’t this also an apparent  image of his true being!? Am I getting stuck in the image and missing on the true reality behind!?