Navaratri -1. Pratima

The very first day in Ashram was crowded and Yagyashala, double its size the last year, was already 2/3 full.  The first five days of Navaratri, there is Advanced course in Ashram, and Guruji also maintains silence. It’s very profound. He is fully there in every action, without speaking a word.

Since the stage was very far, I could see only a tiny image of Guruji, and hence I was glued to the projector screen to see the closer view.


Suddenly it downed to me… I could have seen the video on TV or computer also… I am in Ashram to see him personally. And then as I gazed to his far off stage location, another thought came isn’t this also an apparent  image of his true being!? Am I getting stuck in the image and missing on the true reality behind!?


प्रतिक्रिया व्यक्त करा

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