Navaratri -2. Pooja s

The first three days of Navaratri are Tamasik in nature… the whole creation kind of wakes up slowly from the sleep.
And you also don’t want to do much work. That’s why they suggest fruit fasting in those three days. I didn’t fast, but I was happy to do good sadhana and with Sabari I also did some nice seva.
The puja this day was so fantastic. I almost got lost in meditation. Generally I open eyes in middle of puja but this time 1/2 hour 45 minutes just like that passed.
It rained and rained and rained on the way to Ashram. Still I drove in it, stood there in wet clothes during the puja, and came back in another burst of rain.
I gave a lift to an Infosys person who stayed in ECity. I admired that he took so much time and effort to travel all the way from there to Ashram and back.

The third day the energy seemed to be on a peak. Guruji went into trance during satsang. Rudra puja chantings were awesome.

Fourth day it didn’t rain much I guess. Rudra puja chantings had become so much wanted by then. Also the crowd was increasing, and there was so much happiness in the atmosphere.

Fifth day Guruji came out of Silence. He just spoke that be in Bhavpurna Vishram. Divine is not far, its within, so no need of any effort is there. Rest with feelings.


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