Navaratri -3. Rudra Homa

I was late for Ganapati homa. The atmosphere of joy spoke about the homa proceedings I missed. I spent some time and returned to work. The major new thing that had happened was laptop was not functional. So I spent the whole night debugging it in vein.

The next day was the Rudra Homa. I had given the donation for the Sankalpa. Thanks to Anand I continued my nightout after taking bath, straight into the Yagya Shala. I did my kriya and sat in the Sankalpa enclosure. The proceedings were bit slow, but mind was at peace and no hurry. Next few hours went into a seemingly endless series of chantings which were – don’t know why – where pleasing and peaceful. It was another touching experience to see Guruji in Trance.

I received my new locket and prasadam.


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