Navaratri -5. Vijay Yatra!!

The tenth day, Dussehra, Vijayadashami is celebrated by crossing one’s boundaries. There is tradition of travelling outside one’s routine area and going to unknown place. We all follow Guruji’s Car. And wow, what a surprise he gave!!

We went out of Ashram, some 30 cars and 20 bikes and 5 buses… following Guruji’s Car accompanied by police also. They took a close by right turn, and so did the carwan took turn. the normal kanakpura traffic was held off. we went on a curvy road on a village side, and it soon led us to a lake!!

It was so pleasant a place!!!! He did some puja there, gave prasadam to the villagers there. 🙂 the whole adventure of following him on the bike was amazing!!

In the Satsang back in Yagyashala, he spoke:-

“All your past karmas are washed off. Know that you are blessed so very much. Have this prayer that ‘If something is not good for me, even if I want it, let it not come to me.’ Yoga gives yogyata, Yadnya gives happiness. Utilize this happiness that you have got to complete the works that you need to do in the world.  ”

All over the country at 24 places this Yadnya happened. Also in One place outside India. The telecast of the Yadnyas was done through Internet. It was a very worthwhile 10 day experience. Later back home, I was missing the chanting and a presence of thousands of happy faces so much!


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