Flood Relief work:- North Karnataka -2

I visited the flood affected village “Benal” बेनाळ in north Karnataka near Bagalcot. The route of trip was Bangalore-Hospet-Bagalcot, the village comes after Ilkal, Sirur, Ameengarh, and then 6 km interior from Kamadgi, about 22 km before Bagalcot. The village resided on the bank of river Malprabha. The flood caused ruining of fields and houses of 250 farmer families in this village, among many others. Many families have lost the shelter as water entered in many houses, leaving behind half of the structure of houses. Government has provided the temporary shelter and basic electricity requirement. Water tankers are also issued and NGOs are sending trucks of food grains, bread and buiscuits, roti, chatni and related material. In my visit I saw workers from RSS, Chittoor Mattha, Davangere volunteers, and Art of Living volunteers. Art of Living Divine Karnataka Project has deployed one yuvacharya, Gadigappa, for 24 hour help of the villagers. He stays on a mat in a temple premise on a hillock top of the village, along with some others who have lost homes. He coordinates much of the food distribution, as the crowd management is required for any such distribution. He also teaches relaxation breathing techniques, yoga and satsang in the village, helping them recover from trauma of the event.

The river had expanded to about 20 times its width and 3 times its depth. Water has receded but lots of water ponds and mud is noticed.

Due to extra cost of transport, any relief material is purchased locally only, and any amount of donation is most useful.



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