There is something common in the life in Mumbai, IIT Mumbai and Tirupathi. The atmosphere in these three places is made up by the people living there. In Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, you would walk faster than normal sheerly because of the speed with everyone walks around. The city has that speed. In IITB you will feel an air of confidence and in Tirupathi devotion will down by itself, without your efforts – simply because of the people around. This is how you create a world around yourself. Incidenty, IIT and Tirupathi never sleep too! You would find students on campus of IIT moving around, sipping coffee, studying or just chatting, watching TV even at 2pm in night.In Tirupathi, the temple is open for devotees till 1.30 in night and reopens at 4, starting preparations at 3.30am. Since devotees keep queuing, food stalls are on, stationary and showpiece stalls are on, travel and hotels are on, and the whole Tirumala hill top is Switched On all the time! In addition being totally vegetarian, alcohol and tobacco free place, the place has an aura of purity and sanctity. For many people its the most precious experience in their life, and many have left the other activities in their life for this one visit to Tirumala. The whole atmosphere is charged up with devotion from people then.

YES!+ has all the three things put together, thanks to Bawa and Dinesh, who come from IITB themselves- it has speed, in fact the logo is ”accelerating excellence”, it has fun, masti, confidence, and it has the purity of devotion.

In such dazzling city of Mumbai, I spent some 8-10 days and this is a brief about those days. जिथे  जिवाची   मुम्बई  करायला  लोक   जातात , ते हे  शहर . इथे  तुम्ही  तुमची  स्वतःची  एक  जागा  बनवू  शकता . तुमचे  एक  स्वतःचे  जग  बनवु  शकता.


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