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Why Mac!?

Many friends asked me how much I bought the Macbook for,etc. They didn’t ask me “hey, what all you can do with Macbook, and why did you go for it!?” So here is a brief.

1. No virus. Mac works in operating system similar to Linux, where no software can be installed in your hindsight. Of course, you should be careful when you install new software, as it may contain spyware, but there is no way to sneak in and put a virus on Mac. That saves you a lot of trouble, and money for Anti-virus packages and their updates.

2. Loads of installed abilities, which makes it all in one pack:- You can annotate pdf files, put underline/circle/rectangle/comments. This is very important for a research scholar like me, reading lots of pdf files. Image editing is easy, you can rotate the images with swirling motion of fingers! Installed Webcam and internal microphone. Self detecting of internet sources like hi-fi, ethernet/pen drive internet data card connector. Ease of installing softwares- just double click and drag to the applications folder.

3. User friendly

A trackpad that can do wonders! Zoom in and out, Rotate, use three fingers to browse between applications, four to see all open windows… its fun.

4. Excellent graphics and tricks take cursor to various corners of laptop, to see different effects of windows open. scroll with two fingers fantastic presentation capabilities

5. Java, C, are all inbuilt. Guitar can be plucked in and videos can be easily edited.

6. Loads of templates from monthly budget to job name it. Makes life simple and systematic. A versatile planner similar to google calender, only better one.

7. It is not booted or shut down at the beginning and end. It is switched on and off- like TV, Fan etc… 🙂 its pretty fast.

8. Attention to small details:- the new macbook comes with a magnetic attraction at the plugin point of charging device to the machine. that keeps the charging wire in close contact, and solves the “loose connection” problem.

9. Data back up. Data backup made very easy with “Time Machine” app in macbook. Save your precious files in back up with one click. Very good for research scholars like me.

10. the genie and jumping effect of apps opening icons. the spaces- a chance to have apps in diff view spaces, as in linux, not available in windows…

11. And I guess… there are many apps in mac which I haven’t yet explored… !

Apprehensions for Mac:

1. Not all programs run on it:-

There will be alternative equally good or better programs…. find out! Also lots of shareware programs are designed by mac users, who wanted to shift from other OS to MAC. So these issues will get sorted out.

2. Its costly!

Well, find out ways to afford it…

3. Do repairs become easily available…

Doesn’t require much repairs…


All said and done, its a electronic device, so it has its own lifetime. I had a fantastic Mac Powerbook G4(and still have) but it gave up in a crash after lot of service. But I think it did best among the lot. So take your call…!

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Laptop Care

Like you have brain, heart, lungs, stomach, a computer has a Central Processing Unit, Hard Disc, RAM, CD/DVD Drive, and other input output devices.

Now you have seen how bulky a desktop used to be, and how sleek a laptop is. So its like compressing capabilities of an elephant and lion into a human size!

First result of such compactification is heating. If your laptop gets hot by continuous use for two hours, buy a heat sink or a cool pad for base of your laptop.

Laptops are portable, and hence we carry them from place to place. Now, if you carry a laptop while it is switched on, even in the sleep mode, it is bound to damage the hard disc, which keeps rotating even in the sleep mode. So if you carry it in sleep mode while travelling, the reading-writing  head might brush up extra on the hard disc and cause mutual damage. So always switch it off and then carry.

Using a scratch guard for the screen and a dust guard for the keypad will tell you how much damage you have saved for these, when you look at these guards after a year. It keeps the original things intact.

Laptop reads a CD/DVD with a pointer tip. Now if you run two applications based on a data DVD, e.g. one of copying a file, and other of playing a song on the DVD, then the tip has oscillate rapidly between the two different locations on the DVD where these data are stored. This slows down the two applications, and more disadvantageously, it can damage your DVD Read Write Head.

Battery of Macbook is expected to last for 1000 cycles. 1 cycle means complete charging and total discharging. To make best use of battery and enhance its life, charge it fully and then let it discharge fully.