Its been a long time since I wrote on blog! In fact so many interesting things happened, just not enough time to share… So I decided to restart with a fresh topic and will reconcile the past in brief little later.

Today is Ekadashi. The 11th day in lunar cycle. The 11th day after a full moon or new moon is called Ekadashi.

Its a good day to observe a fast and I am doing it today! Why to fast on Ekadashi!? Read on…

You know that the tides on the ocean are caused by the Sun and the Moon. Now our body is made up of 70% water. If the Sun and the Moon can cause large bodies of water to move, they definitely affect the water in our body, and hence our mind too, as body and mind are connected.

If you carefully observe, (possible if you are a regular meditator- observing your own mind and emotions) you will notice that every full moon or new moon, you have peaks of emotions experienced. Either joy or sorrow, any emotion, it will have its peak. The mind is thus connected to the moon. And so is the bacterial activity. The growth and activity of bacterias, cockroaches and mosquitos and other such insects, is maximum on the full moon and new moon day. The crimes are maximum on a new moon and a full moon day too! People act out of the emotions instead of intellect.

To avoid such turmoil on full moon or new moon, fasting 4 days before that, on Ekadashi, is good for the body and mind. This shunts the bacterial growth in the stomach, gives rest to the stomach and cleanses any impurities of indigestion. Stomach is one organ which keeps working 24 x 7! You give rest to all organs, but when does stomach rest? Even in night it is digesting the dinner. One must give rest to stomach. Also, there are three things we have been doing in all our lifetimes. Whether as a cockroach or a mosquito or a dog or a human being. Each life we have had food, sex and sleep. So these are the three deepest impressions on our consciousness. Fasting reduces the grip of food habit on our consciousness.

How to fast!? There are lot of options, and one should take it according to one’s system:

Just having water.

Or just having a single type of fruit.

Third is you can have variety of fruits, milk.

Finally few simple to digest grains and fruits and milk can be taken on fast.

After the day of fast, you can choose to leave the fast on the dinner or leave it on the next day breakfast.

In Marathi it is called as “Upawas”. One more meaning of “Upawas” is sitting close. Sitting close to the divine. Eating to live not living to eat. Engaging in the spiritual activities beyond the mundane daily life. Doing Sadhana Seva Satsang.

With this BIG understanding, Rishis had put these habits in the culture and tradition of our country!!


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  1. Really a very beautiful post after a long time!! Happy to know that you are observing fast today. You respect and follow the Indian tradition which is really very nice 🙂 . Nice knowledge about the Ekadashi, I have heard Guruji saying about Ekadashi. Well all the best for the fast!!, Cheers 🙂

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