The White Mage

I have been quite a computer game addict recently. Dream Chronicles the mystery of chosen child is an awesome game! I also enjoyed playing the demo of ‘mystery of mary celeste’. The Dark legions… an amazing game with strategy, 3 D effects, regions … 😉 the list of to buy games is increasing! Then I also liked playing trial versions of Azada and curse of Amsterdam Diamond !! I love mystery games!!!
I also liked the “Lux”. Also the Pirate Isle.
Most of all I have spent hours on “The Battle for Wesnoth”… Its a strategy game where you get to manage your soldiers and opponent has its own army. The visuals are good, the game has pretty good strategies involved.
There is a character in it that I particularly like :- the White Mage!!
He can illuminate the surroundings, he got some magical powers, and he can heal and cure the wounded soldiers !
lots of fun!
There are some deeeeeeeep spiritual reasons for playing these games, but I will discuss those some other time!
you can search by the names of these games, you are most likely to get them. seeya!


  1. you see, why do people make wars… its not for nothing. at the moment of war they are in Valor, and it gives a gush of energy in the body and brings mind in the present moment totally.. that gives them joy…

    But then, one need not go to war to get that state… its possible by living in Brahman.

    in the battle for wesnoth, i played from all races- humans, elves, orcs, trolls, even birds! each one has a reason to fight… and that is what WAR is – Worst Act of Reason.

    more abt it later!

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