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God IS serving you!

Sometime back all my seva activity was essentially related to giving someone a lift on my bike or filling up water can in a course, as the water source was far from the venue.And then there were similar other things. I was doing them willingly of course, but then, a thought would wonder, why am I into all these mechanical, routine, boring seva activities.

Then this analogy came in mind!

After all, as far as the work is concerned, Krishna also did the work of a Driver for the Chariot of Arjuna!!

And it is said that Lord Vitthal himself, in the form of a household servant “Shrikhandya”, served the saint Eknath. It is said that Shrikhandya used to fill up water required and many other things in the house of Saint Eknath!

If the Lords of the universe are busy serving humans, who am I to complain when I do similar seva activity!!

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Emily Bear

I got to know of this little angel from an article by Rashmin da. Its very inspiring to read about her.

Check out videos of Emily Bear on youtube. E.g.

The Northern Lights

See how gracefully and effortless she plays the piano!

Or this one, the journey to my heart:-

This is simply awesome!!

In our busy daily lives, running after getting things done… have we forgotten such finesse within ourselves somewhere!? A Little angel called Emily Bear shows how we can live a life with smile, simplicity and elegance and produce excellence!

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Mahashivaratri @ Kolkata

I had been wanting to go, and of course it would be costly to fly to Kolkata from Bangalore… But then I said, what the heck, let me just go… money will anyways come. Like Bawa said in recent yesplus at Mumbai, “Money gone will come back, Time gone will never come back…!”

So I took a flight to the city of joy- Kolkata!

on afternoon I booked the ticket, and got into plane at 9pm or so. I just love flying in a plane… its like a huge bird awaits you and then you enter into its stomach and it takes you for a flight!

On the airport I met two more devotees flying to Kolkata!! for them it seemed to be quite a usual thing… for me flying is very very special!

The flight landed at around 11pm. I stayed in the dormitory accommodation @airport itself.

Morning 5am I got up to get ready, and took taxi to Ravindra Sarovar Stadium!! It was the venue for Mahashivaratri and the YES!+.

It was great to see all those 1200 youth gathering early morning to do yoga and meditation in the first day of YES!+…

Kriya was awesome…

Then I roamed around with friends, it was great to meet many who came from Bangalore!

Then I found an accommodation at a home converted into a guest house.

Evening was Mahashivaratri with Guruji !!