God IS serving you!

Sometime back all my seva activity was essentially related to giving someone a lift on my bike or filling up water can in a course, as the water source was far from the venue.And then there were similar other things. I was doing them willingly of course, but then, a thought would wonder, why am I into all these mechanical, routine, boring seva activities.

Then this analogy came in mind!

After all, as far as the work is concerned, Krishna also did the work of a Driver for the Chariot of Arjuna!!

And it is said that Lord Vitthal himself, in the form of a household servant “Shrikhandya”, served the saint Eknath. It is said that Shrikhandya used to fill up water required and many other things in the house of Saint Eknath!

If the Lords of the universe are busy serving humans, who am I to complain when I do similar seva activity!!


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