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Building castles!

Well, it turns out that I am the last guy in the town to have started playing Age of Empires. Collecting wood, stone, gold and food for survival and dream of a world empire!

Nevertheless, I enjoy it as much as many of you would have enjoyed. And learning a lot of things too, which are practically applicable!

An amazing part is to build a castle! The stronghold of army for both defense and attack.

From Early childhood only I am fascinated by Castles. Reading stories of Shivaji and his brave army, captures and crusades for freedom, sacrifice and devotion to people of this land, the forts and castles he built and won… its literally endless. In Maharashtra alone, there are more than 40 forts!

Its interesting how realistic AoE has come out to be.

Whether this or Battle for Wesnoth, I always think as to how I can build a campaign based on Shivaji’s and Lord Ram’s and Lord Krishna’s Life. Surely they all fought some of the best wars… They need to be on the scenes of these games.

I  heard of AoE tournaments in US. that’s good. well, I think all those nations playing hate wars amongst themselves should stop that and play it on AoE and satisfy themselves!

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Guru Paurnima

Every full moon is great, and this one is very special. Guru Paurnima is the day of a devotee! Its time to introspect, to look within, and see how one has lived life in the last one year. How things have been changing, what new things are learnt, what new experience has been gained. And to feel grateful for the presence of the Guru in the life.To feel the abundance and blessing and relief that has come in one’s life with the Guru’s presence.

It started yesterday with a Gurupuja and a long Sudarshan Kriya in Balmandir. It was amazing!

I took rest most of the day, since I have some back ache. Later in the day, I went to Ashram, and joined in yet another fabulous Guru Puja followed by Rudra Puja… These chantings are simply awesome. I will write about Rudram sometime soon.

Guru is the energy that uplifts the life, nourishes and educates a person. It can be felt in various forms, many different people in your life play the role of the Guru.

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…Kolkata visit.

I just loved it!

I loved the people there, their hospitality, their simplicity, the cycle rickshowmen, the city traffic everything! In return flight I bought a nice T-Shirt and a very interestingly designed pendrive from Indigo! I was in mood of learning bengali. And while having a coconut with Ekta, I exclaimed to the coconut fellow, Ede Mishti Illa!! Mixing bengali with Kannada! Illa is the best negation word from all languages. It just conveys the meaning! We need to make a single language out of all the others!

It was all in all a lot of fun. One visit that I lived every minute of! It was strenuous even, I carried my luggage to places, but it was ok, it got done.

The peaceful monkeys @ Ramakrishna Ashram. They don't come and snatch food, they just wait on those pillars and take whatever given to them!
last drive to the Airport!

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Kolkata visit contd.. Dakshineshwar Temple

Further in Kolkata, I attended the YES!+ with 1200 other youth and a very dynamic Atika di taught us.It was very well organized, and all were blessed to get Guruji’s time on day three! He playfully toyed with his colorful umbrella!

I think it was also the time when that unfortunate blast in Pune happened on valentine day eve.

Guruji said that this knowledge has to reach to all people, so that such activities do not take place.

In his packed schedule, Guruji inaugurated a plantation drive and set off to North East.

I also visited the Sri Sri Academy which was then to be inaugurated soon. My friend Mansi was doing some excellent seva there for a month already. The academy is very well equipped. Each class has those little benches for the kids! Also amazing was the toy collection and the music room. In Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir, SSRVM, the way kids are introduced to music is very unique. They are allowed to actually play with the instruments and whichever instrument the kid spends most time with, he/she is taught that. Isn’t it fantastic way to introduce music!!

Sri Sri Academy, Kolkata

My stay in Kolkata got fortunately extended because of lack of availability of required flight back home. And that introduced me to wonderful family of my friend Arunita, with whom I stayed. I had a delicious meal and lots of interesting discussions. In the morning, Uncle showed me way to Dakshineshwar, the Kali temple where Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans meditated. The temple consists of Kali temple in front of which such 12 Shiva temples are also located, only three seen here. It was a lovely sight. I took short darshan of Kali temple and sat in the hall next to it to meditate. And aho! It was so very wonderful there. The vibes of the devi shakti and Ramakrishna ji can be felt there… I fell in meditation very easily.

Incidentally, I recall getting introduced to Ramakrishna ji through Amar Chitra Katha books in my childhood!! I recall many stories about him… Will write them soon.

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Unity in Crisis

हमारी Institute को किसीकी नजर लग गयी ! An accidental fire broke in the institute’s UPS section. The fire burnt lots of rubber etc I guess, and caused lots of dark black smoke. It soon was very large in amount and filled the staircase tower. Wherever possible we opened the windows and where we couldn’t we broke them! Got some injury on my foot!

Some of our friends were stuck on an upper floor. I consoled some others and conveyed them not to panic. The administrative staff and security showed amazing presence of mind and got the ladders ready. Everyone was on their toes and getting some or other thing done. People atop were eagerly looking forward for help, when the Fire brigade vans reached with full rush. They got bigger stronger ladders, and personally rescued the remaining people. They were quick to extinguish the fire also, and soon the smoke dispersed.

Anyways, something worse was going to happen, it got settled on this much.There was such a great unity and concern about everyone in the institute, that it felt like a family.