Kolkata visit contd.. Dakshineshwar Temple

Further in Kolkata, I attended the YES!+ with 1200 other youth and a very dynamic Atika di taught us.It was very well organized, and all were blessed to get Guruji’s time on day three! He playfully toyed with his colorful umbrella!

I think it was also the time when that unfortunate blast in Pune happened on valentine day eve.

Guruji said that this knowledge has to reach to all people, so that such activities do not take place.

In his packed schedule, Guruji inaugurated a plantation drive and set off to North East.

I also visited the Sri Sri Academy which was then to be inaugurated soon. My friend Mansi was doing some excellent seva there for a month already. The academy is very well equipped. Each class has those little benches for the kids! Also amazing was the toy collection and the music room. In Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir, SSRVM, the way kids are introduced to music is very unique. They are allowed to actually play with the instruments and whichever instrument the kid spends most time with, he/she is taught that. Isn’t it fantastic way to introduce music!!

Sri Sri Academy, Kolkata

My stay in Kolkata got fortunately extended because of lack of availability of required flight back home. And that introduced me to wonderful family of my friend Arunita, with whom I stayed. I had a delicious meal and lots of interesting discussions. In the morning, Uncle showed me way to Dakshineshwar, the Kali temple where Sri Ramakrishna Paramhans meditated. The temple consists of Kali temple in front of which such 12 Shiva temples are also located, only three seen here. It was a lovely sight. I took short darshan of Kali temple and sat in the hall next to it to meditate. And aho! It was so very wonderful there. The vibes of the devi shakti and Ramakrishna ji can be felt there… I fell in meditation very easily.

Incidentally, I recall getting introduced to Ramakrishna ji through Amar Chitra Katha books in my childhood!! I recall many stories about him… Will write them soon.


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