…Kolkata visit.

I just loved it!

I loved the people there, their hospitality, their simplicity, the cycle rickshowmen, the city traffic everything! In return flight I bought a nice T-Shirt and a very interestingly designed pendrive from Indigo! I was in mood of learning bengali. And while having a coconut with Ekta, I exclaimed to the coconut fellow, Ede Mishti Illa!! Mixing bengali with Kannada! Illa is the best negation word from all languages. It just conveys the meaning! We need to make a single language out of all the others!

It was all in all a lot of fun. One visit that I lived every minute of! It was strenuous even, I carried my luggage to places, but it was ok, it got done.

The peaceful monkeys @ Ramakrishna Ashram. They don't come and snatch food, they just wait on those pillars and take whatever given to them!
last drive to the Airport!


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