Unity in Crisis

हमारी Institute को किसीकी नजर लग गयी ! An accidental fire broke in the institute’s UPS section. The fire burnt lots of rubber etc I guess, and caused lots of dark black smoke. It soon was very large in amount and filled the staircase tower. Wherever possible we opened the windows and where we couldn’t we broke them! Got some injury on my foot!

Some of our friends were stuck on an upper floor. I consoled some others and conveyed them not to panic. The administrative staff and security showed amazing presence of mind and got the ladders ready. Everyone was on their toes and getting some or other thing done. People atop were eagerly looking forward for help, when the Fire brigade vans reached with full rush. They got bigger stronger ladders, and personally rescued the remaining people. They were quick to extinguish the fire also, and soon the smoke dispersed.

Anyways, something worse was going to happen, it got settled on this much.There was such a great unity and concern about everyone in the institute, that it felt like a family.


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