Guru Paurnima

Every full moon is great, and this one is very special. Guru Paurnima is the day of a devotee! Its time to introspect, to look within, and see how one has lived life in the last one year. How things have been changing, what new things are learnt, what new experience has been gained. And to feel grateful for the presence of the Guru in the life.To feel the abundance and blessing and relief that has come in one’s life with the Guru’s presence.

It started yesterday with a Gurupuja and a long Sudarshan Kriya in Balmandir. It was amazing!

I took rest most of the day, since I have some back ache. Later in the day, I went to Ashram, and joined in yet another fabulous Guru Puja followed by Rudra Puja… These chantings are simply awesome. I will write about Rudram sometime soon.

Guru is the energy that uplifts the life, nourishes and educates a person. It can be felt in various forms, many different people in your life play the role of the Guru.


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