Building castles!

Well, it turns out that I am the last guy in the town to have started playing Age of Empires. Collecting wood, stone, gold and food for survival and dream of a world empire!

Nevertheless, I enjoy it as much as many of you would have enjoyed. And learning a lot of things too, which are practically applicable!

An amazing part is to build a castle! The stronghold of army for both defense and attack.

From Early childhood only I am fascinated by Castles. Reading stories of Shivaji and his brave army, captures and crusades for freedom, sacrifice and devotion to people of this land, the forts and castles he built and won… its literally endless. In Maharashtra alone, there are more than 40 forts!

Its interesting how realistic AoE has come out to be.

Whether this or Battle for Wesnoth, I always think as to how I can build a campaign based on Shivaji’s and Lord Ram’s and Lord Krishna’s Life. Surely they all fought some of the best wars… They need to be on the scenes of these games.

I  heard of AoE tournaments in US. that’s good. well, I think all those nations playing hate wars amongst themselves should stop that and play it on AoE and satisfy themselves!


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