Good people do exist!

I had lost my wallet today evening.

Knowing nothing as what to do as to recover it, I just left its thought after searching it everywhere. Went on to Ashram, returned. I was about to go to sleep, and then, I get a call on my room mate’s number!!

A person who found the wallet on the local phone call booth had called me up. It was 12.20 in the night, and I was thrilled to have found the wallet. we exchanged address, and immediately met. It turned out that I had forgotten my wallet at a public coin booth near my house ! Shivakumar, the angel, had visited the booth after me and found it. Instead of giving to shop keeper, he decided to take responsibility and give it to me himself!! He called up my number from one bill in the wallet.

I had no words to thank him, and I have one more friend now.

Its highly incredible incidence. I think its all grace. Imagine a wallet with  Rs. 1200+ cash lying on a roadside coin booth. Its as good as lost forever. It found its way back to me thanks to this gentleman. Such good people do exist!

The divine must have done what all arrangements to make sure this happened. He got the right person there. I had to go to laundry today only, to collect a bill which will have my contact number, as otherwise there is no trace of contact in the wallet…!

This is India. This can happen in India! People who care for others. People who take responsibility for others. I am just loving it! 🙂


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