Miss Cordiality

KK has  many names and I also like to give her a full form of her short name as Kashmir ki Kali!

hmmm. some 4 & 1/2 years ago in a corner of a huge airfield where AoL’s Silver Jubilee celebrations were going on, she stood in a saree and waved. I recalled having met her in other normal attires in a group dance we performed shortly before that. And so we kept in contact.

When Bawa introduced many yesplus teachers, he introduced KK as, she is just love!

First one in my circle of friends, this wonder-full girl walked out of “normal” career options and courageously plunged into the unknown and did fantastic service.

Pretty much scholarly girl, KK knows good amount of Sanskrit and can recite stotras. She is becoming Saraswati with eight hands, one holding Kriya tape, another holding YES!+ Manual, third and fourth for CST(cranio-saccaral-therapy ….),fifth and sixth for cooking dosa and rassam, seventh for blessing, and eighth for mobile phone with 1000+ contacts and some other things.  🙂

Wait for me to introduce Durga and Lakshmi to you.

Her life is totally unpredictable, and nobody including herself knows what is going to happen in next few days or even few hours. The magic is, the things still fall in place.

Among other things, she taught me that one should simply love oneself first.

Don’t know when she became impossibly beautiful. She was quite simple until sometime ago, until she mastered some skills good enough that now she can even teach those in a dramatics school. Yes, Miss Cordiality does have high volume verbal fights, but the fights don’t last long. My fights with her include my high pitta explosion and she acting as a fire brigade. 🙂

She did all she possibly could, to make me finish my work, excluding pulling my ears and hair.

I saw the Avatar movie with her and other friends. It was a great time.

A highly spiritual girl. She has lot of fan following and bodyguards. 🙂

Now she is grown up and getting married. Bon Voyage to KK and Prasanna, on their journey through life!


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