Bought some books

Found this Geeta Press Gorakhpur stall on platform number one of Bangalore Railway station.

The beauty of this press is they sell the most precious spiritual knowledge books, their translations at such a take away price! even 10 Rupees and so on you can get a Geeta. Making the spiritual wealth available for all population.

Code no.s of the books Geeta Press Catalogue are written in Brackets (). Using these you can also order these books from their website linked above.

I bought

Ekadashi Vrat Ka Mahatmya – Importance of fasting on Ekadashi. (1162)

Sri Hanuman Chalisa(1528)

Premi Bhakta Uddhava – I wanted Uddhava Geeta, but that was only in Tamil, so I took this book on Uddhava.


Tulasidascharit Srikrishna Geetavali – book on Krishna by Tulasidas ji

Sri Durgasaptashati Sachitra – A translation and verses book on Durga Sapta Shati- the 13 chaptered song you hear on Chandi homa on navami in the Ashram. (489)

The Story of Mira Bai – I had this book,but misplaced somewhere. its fantastic collection of Mira’s lifestory as well as songs, so I bought one again.  (1414)

Vedic Sookta Sangraha – Collection of verses from Vedas(1885)



Vivek Choodamani – by Adi Shankaracharya (133)

Soor-Vinay-Patrika(61) – Soordas ji’s verses  


Adarsh Kahaniya.(1093)

Lots of grace has come home! 🙂


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