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What is Upa-vas !? – 2 / 2

Shamma jali hai tujhako kuchh karne ki jaroorat nahi | – Guruji !

Na Khane ki khabar hai, na sone ka irada hai,

Bas muskurate muskurate tumhe dekhana hai !


That is sitting close to your beloved, the divine. Imagine what the divine may be thinking, see this fellow, I gave him birth, gave him food, and he is just totally forgetting me. So there are wake up calls sent by him – the body aches here and there, the loss of jobs, broken relationships, and what not. Still some people don’t wake up!

In India there is a practice of waking up the Divine! So you wake up first and then wake up the lord within you. Lord doesn’t have to do anything to run this world. Its set on “Auto run ” mode ! That’s why we have the Lord Vishnu in the lying down position!

So you wake up first, and then wake up the divine within.

Waking up is easy, staying awake is the next step. Because mind wants to go to sleep.

That’s why its said, Uttishthat, Jaagruta |

There are many nightouts you have had. Because of some project submissions and lengthy meaningless conversations, and what not. Can you stay awake in the wakeful observation of the lord.

When you close your eyes, and remain awake, you see Him and He sees you!!

Thus “Jaagaran” or staying awake in the night is the second part of the Upa-vas. Stay awake and sing the glory of the divine. Stay awake and meditate.

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What is Upavas !? – I

For Many of us, Upavas means no eating, fasting.

Ok, So tell me, have you ever been so engrossed in watching a movie/ TV Serial, playing some game or something, in doing that, you just forgot the food? Even your mother would have reminded you hey, your lunch is getting late, come and have … but you told, ok ma, no problem, I won’t have lunch today, I want to do this….

You forgot the food!

Upa- Vaas means staying close. Staying close to what? The Divine! Getting so much intoxicated in the Nature/ Guru / God/ Devotion, that you forget food!

And have you stayed awake late night watching movie(s), reading a book. Or chatting with friends. Or surfing online. There you are! You forgot Sleep!!

That’s what you do on Ekadashi … or at least you are supposed to do! or let it happen naturally, to forget the food and sleep.

ऐसी लागी लगन, मीरा हो गयी मगन ; वो तो घडी घडी हरि गुन गाने लगी ||

Drink the nectar of divine love, feel his presence and rejoice from within.

And Never mind, just by doing the fasting also, the same result can be obtained. That’s why it is told, you skip food on  this day!

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Importance of Zero

Write down the numbers without using the symbol of Zero.










… Now what you will do????

Let me say you write the further numbers as:-

10-> $

11-> #

12-> $

13-> @

14-> ^

15->  !

16-> *

17->  +

18 -> %

…. and soon you will run out of symbols. And of course it will be tediously difficult to recall and teach this writing. Do you see the HUGE difficulty in this number listing??

Romans wrote














and so on… But this is nothing better than the listing above. WHY SO? this is also a listing of SYMBOLs , in fact an even tedious one which requires you to know and describe the addition right in the description of the numbers.

What exactly is the meaning of “11” ?

11 = 1 x 10^1 + 1 x 10^0

i.e. you take zeroth power, multiply by one, and add it to “take 1st power of ten and multiply that by one”.

This process of power of a number, is called a having a number system writing with the basis as that number.

E.g. in Binary,

11 = 1 x 2^1 + 11 x 2 ^ 0.

i.e. in binary, 11 is the way to write the number 3.

and in a system with basis as a certain number, you can only have those many symbols. e.g. you use only 0 and 1 in a binary system. and 0 to 9 in a normal decimal system. we don’t have a special symbol for “Ten”.

Lets check your understanding.

Write the number 6 in a number system with basis 5.

Could you do it?

since it is base 5, you can use only the numbers 0,1,2,3,4. to reach to 6, you have to add 1 to 5. so,

11 = 1 x 5 ^ 1 + 1 x 5 ^ 0 = 6 in the base 5.

the number 5 itself, will be written as 10.

so also, in any number system, the number which is used as the base of that system, is always written as 10.

Is this absolutely clear ??

If yes, NOW you can see the importance of ZERO. Without indicating the absence of a certain lowest power, you CANNOT have the number which is used as the basis of that system.

?? 🙂 Any revelations ?? 🙂

Without zero, the world couldn’t have counted beyond a handful of numbers. There cant be a systematic counting system.

That’s what was a wonderful contribution of India to the world.

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busy satvik day

what  a day!

did good amount of yoga and suryanamaskars and kriya. then recalled that today is a friday, and Guruji is here, so why not to go and attend the Devi puja!

There,  I saw that Guruji is giving darshan to all! in VM. sat in the darshan line. when you just sit and wait for meeting him, so many  things happen in the mind ! All is automatic!

after darshan, we did Bhastrika and Meditation with Guruji. It was too good.

People shared what not experiences they had on the path, while he was walking in the darshan lines. Someone’s health got cured, someone’s financial problems got solved. So many overcame their fears…

The Guru has set up a gigantic machinery of unfolding the best of human potential.

Then went to seva in canteen. The canteen is taken over by the WAYE team for the Winter Break duration.

Delicious recipes by Bawa… set out to fill tummies and bring a smile on lots of youth coming to WB. the Pinnacolada was too good. and Cold flavored milk was too well decorated, didn’t taste today though.

I did some dishwash- seva which I hate, not because of the work itself, but because it so un-organized. so this time, we set out a formal system. first, clean the floor. second, have five people – one for removing the dirt, one for washing, one for powdering, one for cleaning and last one for putting in right place. worked well after that!

I also bought lots of mirchi, kadipatta, dhaniya. Dhaniya is that thing we call as Kothimbir in Marathi. other names are common.

Met my friend Mansi who is also an Art of Living Teacher now. Was leaving for her course. hurray!

Came back to BTM and went straight to Raji ma’s Yoga Vasishtha session. What an amazing teacher she is !! Reopened the gates of the divine knowledge.

had an oily dinner. ate rice with ghee and salt.

Saw some wonderful photos of Sakshi and Bhawna.

This was a quick post to note the wonderful days these are. so many things are happening. I won’t even remember these after some time. so the writeups… Recording the History in making 🙂

dozing off now….

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His Master’s words

today in satsang Pragyanandji Maharaj spoke of Yaksha Prashna. the story of pandavas falling until Yudhishtheer.

Then he said something interesting! After death, the soul exists as a sookshma shareer. and ordinary human beings get immediate births. but the special beings keep waiting. both the divine as well as the demonic souls. like when a hitler like person is dead, he doesn’t get re-birth quickly. Also the divine souls don’t just take a rebirth here or there. just like the saintly person won’t generally sit around anywhere, they will look for a descent place to be born in.

And in the meantime, both these powers do their actions!! This is interesting! in anger when someone does a terrible action, the demonic entity has taken over that person.

And in Yagyas we invite the deva s, Aavahanam…

Guruji spoke many things…

few points:-

1. do not justify your mistakes. accept that its part of life to make some mistakes here and there. otherwise you will be sad, because you are sad!

2. old patterns, habbits, interests, — see that those old interests do not give you as much pleasure as they used to give 10 years ago. if desires still come, neither encourage them, nor struggle with them. just observe them.

3. in love, there is no need. if there is need, then its a relationship. in love, there is only giving.