His Master’s words

today in satsang Pragyanandji Maharaj spoke of Yaksha Prashna. the story of pandavas falling until Yudhishtheer.

Then he said something interesting! After death, the soul exists as a sookshma shareer. and ordinary human beings get immediate births. but the special beings keep waiting. both the divine as well as the demonic souls. like when a hitler like person is dead, he doesn’t get re-birth quickly. Also the divine souls don’t just take a rebirth here or there. just like the saintly person won’t generally sit around anywhere, they will look for a descent place to be born in.

And in the meantime, both these powers do their actions!! This is interesting! in anger when someone does a terrible action, the demonic entity has taken over that person.

And in Yagyas we invite the deva s, Aavahanam…

Guruji spoke many things…

few points:-

1. do not justify your mistakes. accept that its part of life to make some mistakes here and there. otherwise you will be sad, because you are sad!

2. old patterns, habbits, interests, — see that those old interests do not give you as much pleasure as they used to give 10 years ago. if desires still come, neither encourage them, nor struggle with them. just observe them.

3. in love, there is no need. if there is need, then its a relationship. in love, there is only giving.



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