busy satvik day

what  a day!

did good amount of yoga and suryanamaskars and kriya. then recalled that today is a friday, and Guruji is here, so why not to go and attend the Devi puja!

There,  I saw that Guruji is giving darshan to all! in VM. sat in the darshan line. when you just sit and wait for meeting him, so many  things happen in the mind ! All is automatic!

after darshan, we did Bhastrika and Meditation with Guruji. It was too good.

People shared what not experiences they had on the path, while he was walking in the darshan lines. Someone’s health got cured, someone’s financial problems got solved. So many overcame their fears…

The Guru has set up a gigantic machinery of unfolding the best of human potential.

Then went to seva in canteen. The canteen is taken over by the WAYE team for the Winter Break duration.

Delicious recipes by Bawa… set out to fill tummies and bring a smile on lots of youth coming to WB. the Pinnacolada was too good. and Cold flavored milk was too well decorated, didn’t taste today though.

I did some dishwash- seva which I hate, not because of the work itself, but because it so un-organized. so this time, we set out a formal system. first, clean the floor. second, have five people – one for removing the dirt, one for washing, one for powdering, one for cleaning and last one for putting in right place. worked well after that!

I also bought lots of mirchi, kadipatta, dhaniya. Dhaniya is that thing we call as Kothimbir in Marathi. other names are common.

Met my friend Mansi who is also an Art of Living Teacher now. Was leaving for her course. hurray!

Came back to BTM and went straight to Raji ma’s Yoga Vasishtha session. What an amazing teacher she is !! Reopened the gates of the divine knowledge.

had an oily dinner. ate rice with ghee and salt.

Saw some wonderful photos of Sakshi and Bhawna.

This was a quick post to note the wonderful days these are. so many things are happening. I won’t even remember these after some time. so the writeups… Recording the History in making 🙂

dozing off now….


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