What is Upavas !? – I

For Many of us, Upavas means no eating, fasting.

Ok, So tell me, have you ever been so engrossed in watching a movie/ TV Serial, playing some game or something, in doing that, you just forgot the food? Even your mother would have reminded you hey, your lunch is getting late, come and have … but you told, ok ma, no problem, I won’t have lunch today, I want to do this….

You forgot the food!

Upa- Vaas means staying close. Staying close to what? The Divine! Getting so much intoxicated in the Nature/ Guru / God/ Devotion, that you forget food!

And have you stayed awake late night watching movie(s), reading a book. Or chatting with friends. Or surfing online. There you are! You forgot Sleep!!

That’s what you do on Ekadashi … or at least you are supposed to do! or let it happen naturally, to forget the food and sleep.

ऐसी लागी लगन, मीरा हो गयी मगन ; वो तो घडी घडी हरि गुन गाने लगी ||

Drink the nectar of divine love, feel his presence and rejoice from within.

And Never mind, just by doing the fasting also, the same result can be obtained. That’s why it is told, you skip food on  this day!


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