What is Upa-vas !? – 2 / 2

Shamma jali hai tujhako kuchh karne ki jaroorat nahi | – Guruji !

Na Khane ki khabar hai, na sone ka irada hai,

Bas muskurate muskurate tumhe dekhana hai !


That is sitting close to your beloved, the divine. Imagine what the divine may be thinking, see this fellow, I gave him birth, gave him food, and he is just totally forgetting me. So there are wake up calls sent by him – the body aches here and there, the loss of jobs, broken relationships, and what not. Still some people don’t wake up!

In India there is a practice of waking up the Divine! So you wake up first and then wake up the lord within you. Lord doesn’t have to do anything to run this world. Its set on “Auto run ” mode ! That’s why we have the Lord Vishnu in the lying down position!

So you wake up first, and then wake up the divine within.

Waking up is easy, staying awake is the next step. Because mind wants to go to sleep.

That’s why its said, Uttishthat, Jaagruta |

There are many nightouts you have had. Because of some project submissions and lengthy meaningless conversations, and what not. Can you stay awake in the wakeful observation of the lord.

When you close your eyes, and remain awake, you see Him and He sees you!!

Thus “Jaagaran” or staying awake in the night is the second part of the Upa-vas. Stay awake and sing the glory of the divine. Stay awake and meditate.


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