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Stress Free Teaching Workshop and Know Your Child Workshop

Yesterday it was a great time teaching a Stree Free Teaching workshop with Anupama in a school nearby, St. Paul School. Its being on the other side of an Art of Living course!  Its interesting to see how one after another participants opens up. They share this and that question and its all so relevant. It was a workshop for all school teachers.  They handle some 30-40 children in a nursery and lower kinder garden and upper kinder garden classes. I can imagine how challenging it will be!

And today we had one more Know Your Child Workshop with Mansi, in Mantri Tranquil near Gokulam on Kanakapura road. The parents had many queries and it was all well answered. We will soon be having programs for kids and other AoL programs there.

And Again, we had another Stress Free Teaching workshop for teachers of the Presidency school in Nandini Layout. Rama ji took the workshop with me assisting in yoga. It was nice to see how well she could connect to all the participating teachers. The travel to Nandini Layout, a place 20 km from my home, was an interesting one! Google maps work, albeit with a careful vigilant eye and a couple of road enquiries! I went on long long outer ring road, going at my top speeds!

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Bizarre things in the world

A five hooded snake was found in Infosys campus in Mangalore. That leaves truth possible in the Kaliya destruction story of Krishna destroying a thousand hooded snake in Yamuna. Who knows, there could be such mutation/genetic transformation possible, in this world full of bizarre possibilities. There were dinosaurs in this world, and unless you had found their skeletons, you wouldn’t have believed that they existed. Now if that big size lizards were possible, then same big size birds could also have existed. And man being man, could have tamed even them, and could have used them to fly on, just like one rides on the horses. That leaves possibility for truth in happening of a Garuda carrying Rama.

The animals getting extinct is not so uncommon. How many sparrows and crows have you seen lately.

Another bizarre news, a snake bites a model’s breast in her sexy shoot where she was getting wrapped up by the snake. She got too close to the snake and got her silicon enhanced breast bitten. The snake died of the silicon peroxide poisoning, the model is alright after the medical care. Conclusion – don’t bite silicon enhanced breasts, you could get killed!

Seriously, what makes all these crazy things happen in the world. Who was this snake in last birth. What karma made this happen. Was it a craving in the mind of the snake in the previous birth. Anyways, we associate snakes to the physical desires!

A story says, Bheeshma was lying on the bed of arrows in the war of pandavas and kauravas. Through his vision, he looked into past 100 births and didn’t see a reason for such a thing happening to him. Krishna gave him extra yogic power, so that he could see even earlier births. The story goes that Bheeshma in his 105th previous birth, had thrown a snake out of the way, and the snake had landed in a thorny place. He had cursed Bheeshma that he should also suffer the same pain and death. And it happened.

Another bizarre thing is this case of Conjoined Twins. These are two children, twins, who have different heads, but share the vital parts like liver, heart and hence have the body joined to each other.

Another day, Guruji spoke about the process of birth. When does the particular soul/spirit gets associated with a particular body? Initially when the embryo gets formed, there is lot of competition for the body between the spirits. Normally, one of them wins, and then people like us are born. Sometimes, there is a joint winner, and both need to be given the body, so the split happens and the twins are born. Sometimes the competition for the body has run longer than expected and some parts of the body have already got formed, they can’t be separated. Then Conjoined Twins are born.

Back to the story of Kaliya destruction. Could it be a thousand souls bunched up together in the body of a snake. Who knows, it could be possible. Just like an octopus has eight limbs. Or a tree has several branches. This creation is full of possibilities.


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Shrimad Bhagawad Geetha Chapter 1

Here begins a new practice… Sharing with you all a few verses a day from Srimad Bhagavad Geeta. Looking forward to comments and discussions. See the following 3 part video before proceeding with your study. Use simple translation of the Geeta, say by Geeta Press Gorakhpur.

Please see this video in three parts, and introduction to Geetha by Rajima, before proceeding further.

verse1 to 26: Sanjay describes the scene at Warfield to Dhrutarashtra. Who all great warriors and their teachers have come. What conches they blew. Arjuna asks Krishna to take his ratha in the middle of the two armies, to see his enemies.


verse 27-29: Seeing elders, teachers and others in warfield, Arjuna becomes sad, his body shivers, hair stand on the end, his mouth dries up and limbs become powerless.his bow slips off, skin burns, his mind is whirling and he becomes unsteady.
Similar reactions happen to students when the question paper comes in hands in the exam! The gravity of the situation downs. 🙂  Similarly for people who get married, on day of marriage!! hahaha! Also to a player who comes in finals of an international tournament.
Comment by Ajay Kumar Ha ha ….. so it is best to renounce the “fruits” of the exam 😉 also,the student should remain “steady” in good or bad results 😀


verse 30-47. The best of warriors, Arjuna thinks of war as sin. he sees no interest in the victory, the kingdom. he is scared about the effects of killing those who were his relatives and teachers. he talks about loss of kula- the family lineage. he prefers to die unarmed and gives up his weapons and sits down in his chariot.

Comment:- Its interesting to note that this chapter is called “Vishaad Yoga”. Even being 100 percent in sorrow is yoga. when you want to cry, cry 100% ! like the babies… their whole body cries…
Else have you seen an adolescent cry… whether they are crying or not is also not clear!

The book being followed is available here:- Geeta Press Gorakhpur.