Shrimad Bhagawad Geetha Chapter 1

Here begins a new practice… Sharing with you all a few verses a day from Srimad Bhagavad Geeta. Looking forward to comments and discussions. See the following 3 part video before proceeding with your study. Use simple translation of the Geeta, say by Geeta Press Gorakhpur.

Please see this video in three parts, and introduction to Geetha by Rajima, before proceeding further.

verse1 to 26: Sanjay describes the scene at Warfield to Dhrutarashtra. Who all great warriors and their teachers have come. What conches they blew. Arjuna asks Krishna to take his ratha in the middle of the two armies, to see his enemies.


verse 27-29: Seeing elders, teachers and others in warfield, Arjuna becomes sad, his body shivers, hair stand on the end, his mouth dries up and limbs become powerless.his bow slips off, skin burns, his mind is whirling and he becomes unsteady.
Similar reactions happen to students when the question paper comes in hands in the exam! The gravity of the situation downs. 🙂  Similarly for people who get married, on day of marriage!! hahaha! Also to a player who comes in finals of an international tournament.
Comment by Ajay Kumar Ha ha ….. so it is best to renounce the “fruits” of the exam 😉 also,the student should remain “steady” in good or bad results 😀


verse 30-47. The best of warriors, Arjuna thinks of war as sin. he sees no interest in the victory, the kingdom. he is scared about the effects of killing those who were his relatives and teachers. he talks about loss of kula- the family lineage. he prefers to die unarmed and gives up his weapons and sits down in his chariot.

Comment:- Its interesting to note that this chapter is called “Vishaad Yoga”. Even being 100 percent in sorrow is yoga. when you want to cry, cry 100% ! like the babies… their whole body cries…
Else have you seen an adolescent cry… whether they are crying or not is also not clear!

The book being followed is available here:- Geeta Press Gorakhpur.



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