Passport Tapasya

When I applied for the re-issue of the passport few weeks ago, I didn’t know what was coming up. the date was given as 13th may… I wanted to be in Bangalore Ashram, but there I was, standing in the queue for 2.5 hours in the passport office at pune. All 200-300 people were given same 10 o clock timing.

All knowledge points came to help. Thankfully my father had come with me, so I could rest for a while – he doesn’t need rest.

People stood in queue from early morning I heard.

After the outside queue, we went in the office, to stand in the inside queue. fortunately, there were few chairs inside. so you slide on the chairs as you move in the Q.

All said and done, when I reach the counter I realize that I need one more document for the Urgent renewal . the concerned person was no more available in the office, since it was past one pm. so waiting from 10 am to 2:30pm, I get back to home with one more appointment.

Surely it is a penance I think.

So this time, I reach the office at 8:30, to see 127 already in Q!

Again the story goes the same, this time me continuously standing till 12 or so. Quite an interesting trek. reach 100 meter in 4 hours. keep standing on and on.

The passport officers are very prompt though. Its just that the system hasn’t grown since the time when they had may be 40 applicants to the time when they now have at least 240 applications to deal with daily. even the wall paint has faded in few places with thin layers of wall come out.

This time the application went well, and I have received passport within a week’s time as promised.

Who says you have to go to Himalayas for penance- Be it Bus Quue, school-college-engineering admission, temple darshan lines or passport office – common man does penance every day in life!


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