September, October, November, December

Typing this blog in a moving bus! Now that’s a power of modern technology!

So the year began with knowing that the day we celebrate the new year is not the correct beginning of the year, traditionally, seasonally and nomenclature wise.

Do you know why September, October, November, December is called so?

Is there Any meaning to these words in any language? One wouldn’t have named them just like that, for the names of the month.

It turns out that it has roots in the Samskrit language. Sapta-Ambar meaning 7th sky, Ashta-Ambar, meaning 8th sky, Nava-Ambar, meaning 9th sky, Dasha-Ambar, meaning 10th sky. These got mispronounced as September, October, Novermber, December. And just like Bengali’s call Vinod as Binod,  Shastha became August.

Sri Sri elucidated this connection to us. If you don’t agree, post your meaning of the words of the month!

Also, if you look at it, if December is 10th sky, then January becomes 11th, February becomes 12th and we begin the year in March- Marching forward in life. in March you will see most of the Indian calendars having the new year, and celebrated all over India in different dates depending on local manners of calculation.

That reminds me that in India there were more than 3000 calendars available at the time of independence, to choose from which to take as the National formal scheme of calendars. There was a committee formed to find out which is most scientific.


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